As the Mets’ bullpen has exceeded expectations in the early part of the season, the need for Jenrry Mejia seems to be diminishing.  However, Jerry Manuel remains adamant that the 20-year-old will be a bigger part of the pen rather than be pushed out and sent to tune up in the minor leagues for an eventual starting role.

According to Manuel was asked if the emergence of Fernando Nieve in the pen could free up Mejia to become a starter, Manuel declined, instead noting that he’d like to work him more into a late-inning role.

“Not for me at this point,” Manual said. “I just think there’s tremendous value for a young player to come to the big leagues and maybe the role might not seem as prominent, but the experience being gained here is invaluable for him, even if he has to go back at some point. Even if he stays all year and pitches as a starter in winter ball, I see this as a very valuable lesson for him in going forward.”

While there has been a roar among Mets’ fans wishing that Mejia would be in the minors preparing for a starting job, Manuel feels Mejia is not suited for starting job in the rotation, at least for now.

“I don’t think he has had enough of his repertoire to show,” Manual said. “He’s been mostly a one-pitch or two-pitch guy, but as a starter, the repertoire of the curveball, the change-up, the sinker, all those type of things are needed.”

It isn’t hard for any Mets’ fan to make a decision about weather to have Mejia become a starting pitcher. As much of a key member of the pitching staff Mejia is, I would love to see him stay in the bullpen and continue working on his pitches, stamina, and his emotions in tough situations.

I would hate to see him become a starter way too soon and completely lose his cool.

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