The New York Mets are exploring their options this week. The Mets, like all the other teams in the MLB, are at the winter meetings. The winter meetings are all about rumors and making deals. In other words, fact and fiction both coexist in harmony for one week.

Actually they do go hand in hand all offseason, but for one week, they are the driving force behind bid deals. As for the rumors from the Mets camp, they are running rampant these days. When he was first hired, Mets GM Sandy Alderson alluded that there is no one safe on the roster.

Since then, we have heard rumor after rumor about one big name after another. Last week was dominated by Jose Reyes rumors. Yesterday, and I imagine today too, will be consumed by rumors of Carlos Beltran being on the move.

First, multiple sources have stated that the Boston Red Sox are discussing him internally. The rumors were initially disregarded as just rumors. However, as the day began to unfold, it was confirmed that the Red Sox were indeed at least discussing it. Next came an article from the New York Daily News online regarding Beltran and the Oakland A’s.

The logic does not really make much sense to me for either one; however, I can see why he is a tradeable commodity. He has potential to still be effective if healthy and he is capable of being a leader. He has a good disposition with the media for the most part and he is the type of player owners and coaches want to have and players want to play with.

Those are all good reasons to have a team interested in trading for him, but it begs the question: Aren’t those good enough reasons to keep him? I understand that his $18.5 million contract is something the Mets would like to have off of the books. I also understand they would like to have something in return for him before he dives into free agency next year.


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