Before Mike Pelfrey had even gotten an out, this game was doomed.

Pelfrey’s line from the first inning should tell you enough about how the game tonight went:

1.1 IP 7 H 6 ER 2BB 1SO through 67 pitches (51 of them being in the first inning).

The Mets full lineup was back together but that wasn’t nearly enough to account by poor pitching by the Mets, even after Pelfrey’s disaster, Fernando Nieve gave up five runs and Pedro Feliciano gave up another two.

Mark Reynolds had four RBI’s a home run and six Dimonadback hitters had multi-hit games.

The Mets lineup didn’t produce much, but had some run scoring chances, also Jose Reyes and Luis Castillo both had multi-hit games. Reyes had a RBI and so did Angel Pagan .

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