The New York Mets haven’t had recent success with young players—until 2010. 

This year promising youngsters are popping up everywhere in the organization.

As much as a roller coaster year it has been, one thing is for sure.  The Mets have some talented prospects on the up rise.  Ike Davis is the cream of the crop along with Jon Niese, but there are many others. 

Such as Ruben Tejada, Josh Thole, Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, and the incredibly gifted Jenrry Mejia.  All of those players can contribute greatly to this organization for a long time to come. 

Even players who have been around for a while but are still really young like David Wright, Jose Reyes and Mike Pelfrey will be contributing for a long time to come. Those three players haven’t even hit their prime yet. 

The 2010 New York Mets are looking more and more like a disappointment, but at least this year we will get to see many talented youngsters take the field on game day. 

With that said, the Mets’ season still has a tiny bit of hope in it.  If they can pull of a great winning streak then they can find themselves back in the thick of things going into September. 

I’m not here to write about that though. 

I’m here to tell you that the New York Mets have something going.  If the Mets make all the right moves they will find themselves greatly equipped for the near future. 

I was happy that the Mets didn’t budge during this years trade deadline.  The Mariners were asking for Jon Niese and the Mets made it clear that their was no way they were trading him. 

This team is finally beginning to protect their great prospects.  This Mets’ team has the most homegrown players on it since the late 90’s. 

The prospects aren’t blowing us away with their stat lines and I’m not surprised. They’re rookies and rookies almost always have roller coaster seasons but  it’s their upside that counts. 

Davis has shown tremendous upside and even though he’s currently mired in a deep slump he is still flashing the leather like a Gold Glover—Tejada is also doing that.  Tejada hasn’t been great with the bat, but he has been fantastic in the field. 

This team has a tight defense and I like it.  Defense is a crucial part to winning ball games. 

The Mets finally have the young pieces they wanted and now we have to see if they handle them right.  If the Mets’ handle this wrong then this will go down as another disappointing chapter in the Mets’ recent history.

But if they handle it right then we got a dynasty waiting to happen.  Maybe soon the Kings of New York will reside in New York.

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