We all have a reason our favorite teams became our favorite teams. Some of us followed our fathers lead, and other looked for our own direction to spite’m! It could be a home town thing or maybe a player captured your heart.

I’m a sports fan. That maybe selling my addiction short. To take a phrase from my friend (sorry Derrick) I’m a fanatic. I follow teams with passion.

I intend on writing about each of my teams crossing over the sports I can’t get enough of… describing the players that represent my teams in my eyes.

I’m starting with the New York Mets.

This won’t be who the best of or most successful. I hope to create conversation for who ever reads this.

Think about it. Sometimes it can be players from different generations or eras and sometimes a particular team may be dominated by a group that all played together. In the end the list will tell you a lot about yourself.

This will be a top 10 list of “My New York Mets!!!” Enjoy, debate, question and maybe make your own list.

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