It looks like we have an answer to the question I asked yesterday , at least a temporary one. According to Brian Costa of the Newark Star-Ledger , the Mets will send Daniel Murphy to Triple-A Buffalo once he is healthy enough to return.

Here’s more from Costa:

The Mets plan to send Murphy, 24, to Buffalo for two reasons. From an offensive standpoint, they think it would be better for his development to get regular at-bats, which isn’t likely to happen in the majors. And defensively, the Mets want Murphy to play multiple positions, including first base, second base and left field.

Part of the thinking is that greater defensive versatility would increase his trade value, but it would also make him more valuable to the organization if he isn’t traded.

Thoughts: I don’t like the fact that Murphy will be in the minor leagues while worse hitters get to keep their spots on the active roster, but I do actually like the Mets thinking here. Murphy is still a young player and he needs at bats to continue to improve. So yes, having him in the minors, at least for the time being, might be better in the long run.

Also, they have a plan to use him as a super-utility type where he would play first, second, and left field. Breaking him in as that type of a player at the major league level could get ugly defensively so starting him in the minors makes sense.

The only problem I would have with this plan is if Vazquez isn’t promoted to the major leagues after a couple of weeks to a month. This plan is a good one, but you don’t want to see Murphy get buried especially since he’s probably better offensively than Gary Matthews Jr., Frank Catalanotto, Luis Castillo, and probably one or two other guys.

What are your thoughts? Are the Mets making the right move here?

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