As you set your lineup for the upcoming week, here’s some interesting notes you need to keep in mind:

  • According to The Philadelphia Inquirer (click here for the article), Jimmy Rollins feels he’s prepared to return from his strained calf.  That means he’s likely to be activated tomorrow, making him a must start option for Week Seven.  Get him in there in all formats.
  • ESPN Los Angeles is saying that the Dodgers likely won’t make a decision regarding Andre Ethier until Monday or Tuesday, making him a tough play in all formats (click here for the article). After seeing a doctor, “there is no actual treatment for a fracture this small. It simply has to heal on its own. Thus, the decision with Ethier will hinge on whether he can swing a bat with some degree of comfort despite the broken bone.” It’s a huge risk to take, even with a player of Ethier’s caliber. If you have a viable replacement, consider throwing him in there barring any news coming out today.
  • While Dustin Pedroia sat out Sunday’s game with a sore knee, don’t consider benching him. According to Dan Barbosi of The Providence Journal (click here for the article), he’s expected to return to the lineup on Monday against the Yankees.
  • Scott Hairston could be DL-bound, according to the North County Times’ Dan Hayes via Twitter. It’s not a huge loss, but if you were considering using him for Week Seven, you want to find another option.
  • While the Nationals promoted Drew Storen, don’t view him as an option for saves at this point. Matt Capps and Tyler Clippard have been dominant in the late innings, and it will take something significant for the Nationals’ closer of the future to end up seeing any save opportunities.

What are your thoughts on these news items?


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