All the talk about 2010 being the “Year of the Pitcher” in Major League Baseball is true. 

It has been an excellent year for pitchers.

For whatever reason, there’s been more no-hitters and perfect games than usual, and that’s without counting Jim Joyce’s rob job of Armando Galarraga.

But this year doesn’t only belong to the hurlers, it belongs to the young guns.

At a time when some people argue the fading relevancy of baseball, there has been more great young talent in the game than we can remember.

The amount of quality ballplayers age 26 or younger currently in baseball is staggering.

No, when it comes to TV ratings and big advertising dollars, baseball does not reign supreme. Football is America’s game now, and that’s just the way it is.

But for baseball fans, that’s OK.

As they say, more for you and me.

As the season ticks along in its final month and pennant races take shape, let’s look at some of the most impressive rookies from this year in baseball.

One last note before the show, don’t feel discouraged if your favorite rookie didn’t make the list.

We are keeping it to 10 names for this space, but there certainly have been more than 10 impressive youngsters who merit consideration.

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