With 32 strikeouts in 3 games certain words like: best ever, historic, dominant, and once in a lifetime are heard. All these can be used to describe the beginning of young phenomenon Stephen Strasburg. While some fans in Washington and across the MLB said that he should have been the Opening Day Starter for the Nationals (who are getting alot more air time with Strasburg pitching)  the Washington Nationals organization seems to have done everything right. The high speed (he’s been clocked at 100 mph more then once) high profiled rookie out of San Diego St has been nothing but humble during this historic beginning when asked how he reacts to all the television media he joked “I don’t watch that, I still watch TV, just not those stations) So the kid even has a good sense of humor!

Those that might read this will say “he’s pitched against weak teams” which might be true, his first three starts have come against the Pittsburgh Pirates (7 IP, 4 Hits, 2 Earned Runs 0 Walks and 14 K’s) the Cleveland Indians in which was his “worst start” (5 1/3 IP 2 Hits 1 Earned Run 5 Walks and 8 K’s) and on June 17th with President Barack Obama in attendance Stephen pitched 7 innings, allowing 4 hits, giving up 2 Earned runs and striking out 10. Whether or not this kid can keep this up all year is yet to be known but one thing is for sure, everyone in the league is taking notice.

In a season that has not been over shadowed by steroids, and has seen 1 no hitter, and 2 perfect games (ironic the more difficult task has been done more) Ubaldo Jimenez and Stephen Strasburg might be the Topic of the Day when these two pitchers step onto the mound.  Bud Selig, your prayers to the baseball gods have been answered, your league has everyone buzzing, turning their TVs on to see this kid from San Diego St. pitching for the formerly joked about Natinals, and the pitcher from Colorado that no hit the Atlanta Braves and leads the leagues in wins.

One thing that is also for sure revenue is sky high especially if your a member of the Strasburg Stable (i tried purchasing a Strasburg shirt it was on backorder for 2-4 weeks). The kid is a workhorse that’s for sure the only question is, how long will Washington limit him and when will they let him pitch until he HAS to be pulled?

Like all sports there are remaining questions and questions to be answered. How long can he keep this up? How will teams adjust? Is he the best we’ve seen in a long time? Stop asking questions and just watch. It’s like a movie, the movie you want to watch over and over and while he can only pitch once every 5 days (unless they move him on short rest which isn’t likely) Until he comes down to earth, every start Stephen Strasburg makes will be high profiled, highly talked about, highly recognized and highly praised. This kid has the most strikeouts in his first 3 starts then any other pitcher since 1952 for a reason. For some the Majors league is known as “The Show” Stephen Strasburg is not in a show, hes starring, in his own feature film and tickets? They’re selling fast, find a way to watch this kid, he’s turning around the game of baseball. Move over Ben Roethlisberger and the Roethlisburger, I want a Strasburger as long as its not as hot as his 101 MPH fast ball. 

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