In case you have been living under a rock the past week, you’ve missed perhaps one of the most iconic events in all of Major League Baseball.

The eve that saw Ken Griffey Jr. say goodbye to baseball for good, also brought about a new wave of controversy as veteran World Series umpire Jim Joyce made a horrendous call that cost near-perfect game pitcher Armando Galaragga immortality.

As a fan who has witnessed just about everything in the world of sports, this one stands out as the most odd, and by far the most disappointing.

However, aside from the endless criticism that I could place on Jim Joyce’s shoulders, perhaps some form of positive relief could come from Bud Selig, and provide a light toward the future of Major League Baseball.

Prior to this travesty of an incident, I tuned into the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds game after witnessing the Chicago Blackhawks try to win on the road against the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals, and unfortunately I instantly had a feeling of deja vu.

For once, this wasn’t a good feeling of deja vu, as I had just watched a near goal be disallowed due to the use of instant replay, which has so fittingly helped the NHL in recent months.

Perhaps it was a day that was meant to be, or perhaps it was God’s little way of telling baseball fans that the time has come for America’s pastime to fit in with the new ways of modern technology, and alter the game to provide a little justice and help out future young players who find themselves in Galaragga’s position.

Whichever it may be, Bud Selig has some serious thinking to do.  Now I’m not talking about the typical style of thinking that features a sports commissioner stepping in front of the media and flashing bulbs and stating that “We are currently reviewing what has happened.”

No, I’m talking about action thinking, as it is time that Bud Selig convinced baseball fans worldwide that this league is intent on doing what is right.

As a fan of the game for many years, it is high tide that necessary precautions were taken to avoid this silly little incident.  In an era that is labelled as “steroid riddled,” this type of injustice only further digs Major League Baseball a deeper grave to climb out of.

Therefore, is it reasonable for fans to feel a little robbed out of a record breaking three perfect games in the span of nearly a month?

Of course, however, it is also reasonable to feel that as loyal fans of the game we have also been robbed of what is right, and instead been treated to a “royal screw job” of not only an historic event, but also the rights to say “I witnessed that very moment.”

With all of this said, I will go against the grain a little here and give Jim Joyce some form of credit.  It is never easy to undergo such media scrutiny, and through it all he he has recognized the unbelievable mistake he has made, and has also apologized in person.

Major League Baseball is classy, I’ll give it that.  Both victims were humble when talking to the media, and although the fans have every right to feel a little cheated, to go as far as stating that “Jim Joyce should be thrown out of baseball” is a little hasty.

The man is only human for goodness sake, and like my Mom always says, “Everyone makes mistakes every now and then.”

Unfortunately for Major League Baseball, even Oldenburg’s giant pencil couldn’t erase this mistake.

It is a dark day in baseball, but it does act as a rude awakening.  It’s time to get with the times, step up, and offer the fans an instant replay system that avoids tragedies such as these.

This is by far no time to “rejoyce,” and Jim Joyce’s perfectly flawed call has already earned itself a spot in the all time blunders in the history of sport.

Like the old saying goes though, “Everything that goes up, must come down.”  Baseball has enjoyed its glory years, and now the descent is beginning. 

Will an instant replay system change this?  We won’t let Jim Joyce make the call, but it definitely would convince many fans that the league has the right intentions.

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