April is both the best and worst month of the Major League Baseball season. 

On the one hand, baseball is in full swing and we finally have enough games to adequately judge teams and players. For all the previews and predictions we have during the winter and spring training, no one knows exactly how things will pan out until a decent sample size of games are played. 

On the other hand, the panic starts to set in if a team has gotten off to a bad start or a star player has gotten hurt and will have to miss a substantial amount of time. 

To the fans ready to throw in the towel—just be patient. Unless you follow a select few teams (the Miami Marlins, Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs come to mind), there is still a chance that your favorite squad can make a run over the final five months. 

For now, we’re going to reflect on the biggest winners and losers from the first month of the 2013 MLB season. 


Note: All stats courtesy of Baseball-Reference.com unless otherwise noted. 

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