What do Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow and a guy who tells you he has a handle on the 2016 MLB season have in common?

They both know nothing.

Yes, we’ve reached the one-quarter mark of the 162-game grind. But predicting the future is still folly.

Hot streaks, cold spells, injuries and trades will inevitably upend the balance of power. The last won’t necessarily be first, but they could be.

At the same time, samples are moving from small to medium-sized, and we’re deep enough in to make some educated observations.

Like, say, picking the biggest winners and losers from the first act of this four-act, spring-to-autumn melodrama.

In making our picks, we saved room for the obvious (yes, the Chicago Cubs are in), but we also kept an eye out for surprise breakouts (hello, Aledmys Diaz) and unexpected twists (say it ain’t so, Dee Gordon).

Tap off your cleats, limber up your commenting muscles and dig in when ready.

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