In today’s day and age, Twitter has allowed baseball fans all across the country and all over the world to follow their favorite Major Leaguer every step of the way.

The legends of the game never had this opportunity to be followed by thousands of their die-hard fans, leaving only our imaginations to decipher what the game’s greats would have tweeted after a monumental moment in their baseball careers had taken place.

Can you imagine what Babe Ruth’s reaction would’ve been after being sold to the New York Yankees in 1920? Or what Mickey Mantle would have written during the summer of 1961?

I certainly can.

Therefore, let me present “MLB’s 20 Ghosts of Twitter Past: What the Game’s Greats Would Have Said…”

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy.

And in the words of the late Jack Buck, “Go crazy, folks! Go crazy!”

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