We won’t have bonus information for all 50 rounds for a while, but we do know that the Nationals spent enough yesterday to break their own record for the most money ever spent on bonuses in a single draft.

Last year, in a draft headlined by Stephen Strasburg, the team spent $10,869,500 on bonuses. This year, we know they’ve already spent at least $11,178,200 (this doesn’t count the full value of the major league contracts given to Harper or Strasburg–just bonuses).

Here’s the run down of where the money went:

Rd Name Bonus
1 Bryce Harper $6,250,000
2 Sammy Solis $1,000,000
3 Rick Hague $430,200
4 A.J. Cole $2,000,000
5 Jason Martinson $174,000
6 Cole Leonida $125,000
7 Kevin Keyes $125,000
8 Matt Grace $125,000
9 Aaron Barrett $35,000
10 Blake Kelso $115,000
12 Robbie Ray $799,000
Total $11,178,200

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