Some White Sox fans have lost their minds.

You need proof? Here you go.

I’ve heard from more than a few usually knowledgeable White Sox fans, that the Sox should certainly give up whatever it takes to get Adam Dunn.

That’s right, whatever it takes .

Now I’m no GM (although I’m thinking of going as Theo Epstein for Halloween. Hello ladies!) But even I know that you can’t continually trade away your best young talent and still hope to be competitive in the long term.

The Yankees can’t do it. The Red Sox can’t do it. And the White Sox certainly can’t do it.

Therefore when I hear my fellow White Sox fans claim that it would be a smart move to put together a package of Jordan Danks, Dan Hudson, and at least one other top prospect of the Nationals choosing for Adam Dunn, I have to wonder what caused my fellow fans to lose their intelligence.

Maybe it was the recent 11 game winning streak combined with Dunn’s very unDunnlike batting average so far this season.

Maybe it’s the fact that Kenny ignored the DH position this off season and now overpaying and jeopardizing the future seems like the only option.

Maybe my fellow Sox fans just weren’t that bright to begin with.

Whatever the reason, this is not a deal the White Sox should make.

I’ve been begging for a real DH since the beginning of this past off season. I’d still love one now. But not one that costs a top prospect, let alone a guy who costs two top prospects .

Time will tell what Kenny ends up doing. But here’s hoping he makes the prudent decision for the short term as well as the long term.


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