At some point, Brian Dozier’s time with the Minnesota Twins figures to come to an end. The subject of trade rumors for much of the offseason, MLB‘s premier slugger at second base is one of the biggest names left twisting in the purgatory that is the trade block.

It’s not so much that a player’s current team doesn’t want them any longer (though there are certainly times where that’s the case), but rather said player, like Dozier, is more valuable to the team as a trade chip than a fixture on the 25-man roster.

It’s a rough place for a player to spend any significant time.

For those, like Dozier, who find themselves on the block, there are only two rules they have to check off to be included on this list: 

  • They must have been the subject of a legitimate rumor or speculation from a known source
  • They must be a logical fit on a team other than their current one

That last rule, coupled with recent free-agent signings, eliminated some players who were on our original list.

Who made the cut? Let’s take a look.

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