Picture Mark Kotsay wearing a blue and white Royals uniform. Got that image? It’s easy to imagine, right? That’s because Kotsay is that caliber of player. He’s not the caliber of player that should be “contributing” on a playoff caliber team such as the White Sox.

The Red Sox knew that last season, and that’s why they waived him .

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Mark Kotsay should not be in the middle of the White Sox lineup .

Allow me to break down the positives that Mark Kotsay brings to a baseball team:

Kotsay is a nice guy to have come off the bench and pinch hit against a tough righty.

He’s also able to play a couple positions, which makes him valuable over the course of a 162 game season.

The end.

Notice I didn’t bring up his ability to produce consistent numbers for 162 games. That’s because he isn’t a player who is capable of doing that anymore.

Oh, and you may be wondering how he hits lefties. Chew on this number: .000

That’s right, we’re in mid-July and Slugger Mark is still hit-less against southpaws .

So what’s my point? Why complain about a guy when there’s not a preferable replacement already there? (I like Viciedo as much as anyone, but he needs more at bats before he should be an everyday player.)

The point is this: there is a guy out there who could be the left handed bat that the White Sox need and chances are it won’t take the farm to get him: Lance Berkman.

Now I’m aware that Berkman is not the same puma of old. However, even in a down year, his power potential and OBP would be welcomed additions to the middle of the Sox lineup.

The Astros are reluctant sellers, but it’s no secret that they want to get some return for Berkman as opposed to declining his 15 MM option next season and having him walk away.

I wrote about the fact that the Sox should not trade away their best young talent for Adam Dunn and I feel the same way with Berkman.

The difference between the two situations is that the Sox can get Berkman for less than they’d have to give up to get Adam Dunn. In addition to that, they would have the option of bringing him back for another season (albeit at an absurd amount).

Kenny Williams is an aggressive, ambitious, and occasionally reckless GM. He’s seeing the same thing we as fans are seeing. He knows that Mark Kotsay is not an adequate DH.

Now all we can do is wait and hope that Kenny pulls the trigger on a deal that gives the South Siders a legitimate chance at making a playoff run.

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