Everyone thought Cliff Lee to New York was a done deal.

Well everyone thought wrong.

The Texas Rangers took advantage of a snag in the Yankee trade discussions and have landed the top pitcher on the market according to many sources.

Not having Lee go to the AL East has to bring a huge sigh of relief on the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox.

Now, the Yankees will most likely be unable complete the second part of the deal which had them possibly sending Javier Vasquez to the Phillies for Jayson Werth.


Acquiring Lee did not come easy for Texas. The Rangers have given up a future All-Star first baseman in Justin Smoak.  A hefty price to pay for a rental. 

But give general manager Jon Daniels credit–  He saw an opportunity to go to the big dance and he wasn’t about to go without a fancy dress.

Consider him as dressed as dressed can be.

Texas acquires a guy who has proven he can help them beat the Yankees.  And with their offensive firepower blazing their way to fourth best in the AL for runs scored, Texas has officially become a play-off threat.

It has been a crazy 36 hours in sports.

And it appears New York has been shunned twice in two days in two different sports.

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