Much has been said about Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt during the trade frenzy, but not quite as much has been mulled over Houston’s Lance Berkman.

Sure, the Yankees are mentioned anytime someone serves his name into play; And he would be a helluva Designated Hitter, but that is not what this article is about.

What kind of fit would he be for the Cincinnati Reds? Wait, don’t laugh yet. I know we have Joey Votto at 1B, but Berkman can also play in the outfield.

Keep in mind this is all based on the assumption that Lee doesn’t come to the Reds.
I know he is having a down year at the plate, but seriously I believe much of that can be ascribed to the lousy team he is playing on. If nobody gets on base it is extremely difficult to drive them in.

One of the biggest reasons I can see for the Reds to try to get him, is the fact that he is the best active hitter against the Reds, especially at Great American Ball Park.

Look at this: In 51 games played at GABP he is hitting .339 with an OBP of .458 and a SLG of .765, with 21 HR and 55 RBI. The only places he has done better (other than Minute Maid Park) is Petco and the old Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati.

So, do you want him for ya or agin’ ya?

Where would we put him you say? I thought you would never ask. As a switch-hitter, he is even more valuable.

Berkman could platoon with Jay Bruce, who is a notorious poor hitter facing southpaws. Against right-handers, Bruce could move to center, while Berkman stays in right. He could spell Gomes in left and be available to play first whenever Votto needs a break. So, finding a place for him is not a problem.

What would the Astros want in return for Fat Elvis? I am glad you asked.

Their pitching is horrible across the board, so a pitcher who has been tried by fire would be essential. Enter Homer Bailey.

They are inadequate everywhere with the exception of the outfield and Jeff Keppinger in the middle of the infield.  Todd Frazier and Miguel Cairo can both play all around the infield, so they would become attractive entering the deal.

Ramon Hernandez would be a good suggestion as well behind the plate, since the Reds have a more than capable catcher in Ryan Hanigan.

My offer: Send Bailey, Hernandez and Cairo to Houston for Lance Berkman.

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