With the MLB trade deadline just over two weeks away, Dodgers’ general manager Ned Colletti is scrambling to make the best possible roster moves in an effort to mold together a contending playoff squad for 2010.

It’s been speculated that financial resources are limited, and outside of several underperforming relievers and a few substandard bench players, Los Angeles really doesn’t want to sacrifice talent at the Major League level in order to obtain that missing piece of the puzzle that puts them over the top.

However, the Dodgers’ farm system remains one of the most productive in baseball, and several players with high potential may possibly be used as bargaining chips to acquire a much sought-after starting pitcher.

Nevertheless, the Dodger organization prides themselves on their success from building within. Current players such as Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Broxton, James Loney, Russell Martin, and Matt Kemp are just several examples of the success Los Angeles has had from forging talent from the draft and the minor leagues.

Still, it’s impossible to predict what value a prospect will have five years down the road based on potential alone. Names such as Lucas May, Ethan Martin, Pedro Baez, Jerry Sands, John Lindsey, Jay Gibbons, Trayvon Robinson, Tim Sexton, and Josh Lindblom may be thrown around in the next two weeks as possible movers, but there are several future stars that the Dodgers will not deal at any cost.

The following frames outline five prospects who are the future of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and although coveted by many teams around the league, will remain with the Dodgers, at least into 2011.

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