The boys of summer are taking their annual break in sunny southern California—Anaheim to be exact.

They’ll laugh with other big league players they don’t often get the chance to converse with. They’ll have their laughs, their deep conversations, and ability to forget about the chase for the playoffs, if only for a few days.

Those that aren’t taking part in the festivities in Anaheim get a much needed break to lick their wounds and heal-up from injuries that kept them from performing to their highest abilities.

What the All-Star break also signifies is a two week point before baseball’s trading deadline.

A big name has already moved to a new home and several others are yet to make a move. There are teams that need to make a splash to stay in the race, and others that need to free-up salaries and rebuild for another race.

Here are 10 names that will be moved and where they’re new predicted homes will be.

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