With the trade deadline less then a month away, the San Diego Padres are looking at all of their options and weighing which ones will help the team keep a hold of the NL West division.

There are a few players the Padres have been rumored to be after and a few scenarios that might make sense.

However, knowing the team has the second lowest payroll in all of baseball, you’d think that new owner Jeff Moorad would give general manager Jed Hoyer some room to maneuver and make a deal here and there.

While Moorad has said the Padres may spend money to bring in what they need, they also need to be cognizant of other teams looking to scavenge from the depth of San Diego’s talented pitching staff.

Among those names is closer Heath Bell. Don’t be surprised if he’s the center of a deal come the trade deadline.

Here are some of the other possible scenarios as the month of July winds down.

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