This past MLB offseason has been fraught with exciting free agent signings and big-time trades, highlighted by the movement of Adrian Gonzalez, Jayson Werth, Carl Crawford and Cliff Lee, but it has mostly been a “rich get richer” type of deal.

There are still quite a few mediocre teams out there, however, that could make a move in the coming weeks or during the season that would give them a shot at competing for the title.

There are a few key players who could end up being on the move at any point in the next seven months, and they could be the key to a playoff run by certain teams.

Not everyone out there has the capabilities of turning over from a subpar season a year ago to winning 90 games, but there are a select few that could turn their fortunes around.

With some skilled planning—and a bit of luck—there are teams who could end up in the playoffs this season after failing miserably a season ago.

Wit that, here are 10 teams and the players they could acquire to give them the ammunition needed for a possible playoff push.

Note: There has been no real chatter of most of these trades happening. They are mostly speculative and hypothetical.

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