This time last year, Neftali Feliz was just another reliever.

Well, not quite.

Feliz entered last season as one of baseball’s five best prospects, but with the Rangers rotation full and Frank Francisco seemingly entrenched as the team’s closer, Feliz started the season pitching in the middle innings.

Francisco, however, faltered early in the season. Feliz stepped in, and the rest is history. From the All-Star game, to the 40-save season, to the Rookie of the Year Award. 

Generally, when a player has so much success in one role, a team is hesitant to move him—and that is likely the case in Texas.

However, the Rangers are a smart organization. They realize how much more valuable a great starting pitcher is than a great closer—and coming through the minor league, Feliz was a great starting pitcher. 

But will he start?

That remains to be seen, even with Opening Day fast approaching. But it is a distinct possibility.

Should he start, the Rangers will be in need of a closer.

Frank Francisco, of course, was traded for Mike Napoli this past winter and the internal options are rather thin. Arthur Rhodes, Darren O’Day and Alexi Ojada are interesting options, but Ron Washington has indicated he’d prefer someone with closing experience.

So who might the Rangers traget? Here are 10 possibilities. 

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