July is just around the corner, and in the baseball world, that only means one thing: The trade deadline.

As the first half of a season enters the home stretch ahead of the All-Star game, teams and their GMs start plotting in earnest for some of the most important few weeks of the season.

While some teams will be looking to unload salary or pick up prospects for someone they think they will otherwise lose for free at the end of the season, others will be looking to acquire the pieces to push them over the top this postseason.

Those who are in a position to make a splash will be trying to strengthen their rotations, upgrade their bullpens, and add depth to their lineups. The big movers and shakers have cash, most have prospects, and all have a plan to get what they want.

With an eye on the movers and shakers in baseball, here are some tell-tale signs your club is a big splash buyer at the trade deadline.

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