While the trade market is dwindling and two of the Atlanta Braves‘ top targets have been taken, there still remains a trade possibility or two that would be nearly ideal for the Braves.

The most reasonable and beneficial trade would involve the San Diego Padres.

Earlier this week, I wrote an article explaining the Braves’ need for a relief pitcher, and Bryce Sumida responded with an article explaining the Braves’ need for an outfielder.

Both articles present reliable facts, and it seems the ideal scenario for the Braves would land them a consistent outfielder along with a strong reliever.

The Padres are widely known to have one of the best bullpens in the NL and seem willing to make a deal involving one of their relievers.

Among San Diego’s relievers whom the Braves could target, the best option would be Mike Adams.

The Atlanta Big Three of Jonny Venters, Eric O’Flaherty, and Craig Kimbrel has been overused, a problem Adams could solve by contributing above-average numbers to the team.

After pitching 48 innings this season, he displays an amazing ERA of 1.13.

The Padres also happen to have an outfielder whom the Braves have reportedly been looking closely at.

Ryan Ludwick, though he is not the greatest outfielder on the Braves’ list, would definitely be an improvement to their struggling offense.

He is a right-handed batter, which would be helpful to a Braves lineup that is dominated by left-handed hitters. Also, while he plays mainly left field, he has played all three outfield positions and could play center field if necessary.

His career batting average is .262, and this season he has compiled 11 home runs and 62 RBI.

As for the return price for which the Padres would ask for these two players, it would certainly not be low.

While Wren seems extremely reluctant to lose any of his top pitching prospects, it may be necessary.

Especially with Hunter Pence now in Philadelphia, it is extremely important for the Braves to improve their offense.

The Braves need to be willing to give up at least one or two of their top prospects, or as many as four or five lesser prospects.

Wren should definitely consider trading away Mike Minor or Randall Delgado because their potential could be wasted due to Atlanta’s depth. The Braves have so many great young pitchers that they do not have room for all of them in their rotation, and it may be worth it to trade them away in order to receive consistent offense.

It is absolutely necessary to the Braves’ success that they trade for a consistent outfielder as well as a reliever.

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