The question of whether Adam Dunn would look good in a White Sox uniform should not be the main debate right now.

As a player who has mainly worn a reddish color everywhere he’s been, some might wonder if the grey and black would fit him. That’s something that everyone needs to accept due to the good chances of him going to Chicago.

The main question that White Sox fans should be asking themselves is whether Dunn could be a potential run producer and a hitter who can keep the middle of the lineup busy with his power.

While there might be a lot of fans not wanting Adam Dunn on the south side, there’s still a good amount of reasons as to why Dunn could fit in and help the Sox protect first place in the AL Central.

As a hardcore White Sox fan, I’ve always liked Dunn’s attitude towards baseball. His powerful swing and aggressiveness has put him on top of many strong hitters in the league.

Dunn, being a career .251 hitter, has not impressed in that category, yet his 338 home runs in less than 10 full seasons has increased his value, and many teams around the league are trying to snatch him up.

White Sox general manager Kenny Williams—known for his aggressive approach when it comes to trading for players—has put Dunn as the No. 1 player to grab on his list due to a major concern at the designated hitter spot.

The DH position—which has been shared by Andruw Jones and Mark Kotsay, two players that hadn’t produced well for the White Sox this far into the season—is looking for a new filler, and Dunn might be the best solution.

It all sounds like an overall great solution and somehow the White Sox could become 10 times better, but lets face it, there will be some key players from the team that would have to go.

Gordon Beckham, Paul Konerko, Carlos Quentin, Dayan Viciedo, and Daniel Hudson are all possible stars that could be dealt in order to achieve the goal that the White Sox are looking for.

Both Beckham and Quentin could be a great add to the Nationals since they are in need of more power in the outfield and a young star like Beckham at second.

Another possible combination that could be on the move is a mix of Viciedo and Hudson, two great prospects that would hurt the Sox in the future, but would almost certainly make it possible for Dunn to come to Chicago.

The trade talks are heating up, and before the end of the trade deadline, I strongly believe Adam Dunn will find his way to Chicago, and become a member of the White Sox.

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