Baseball is typically the old man wagging his fist at the youngsters.

Not anymore.

On Friday, March 11, the league will host a “Snapchat Day” when players across the league will be permitted to use “SnapBat” selfie sticks—yes, that’s real—and smartphones in the dugout and bullpen.

This comes on the heels of a multiyear partnership agreement between the MLB and Snapchat.

Per contributor Maury Brown, Snapchat will cover Opening Day, the All-Star Game, playoffs, games and events, and have access to “exclusive behind-the-scenes content feature the game’s top players.”

Pablo Sandoval was disciplined for “liking” an Instagram post during a game last July. Get it out of your system now, Panda.

Next Friday, Snap away.

[Twitter, h/t Forbes]

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