We are closing in on the midway point of the 2014 MLB season, and the entire postseason picture still appears to be wide open in both leagues, as no team has really separated itself from the pack at this point.

The Oakland Athletics look like the best team in the American League by a decent margin, while a recent slide by the San Francisco Giants has left the National League without a clear top dog, though the Milwaukee Brewers have been consistent atop the NL Central all season.

The point being, things are still far from sorted out here in the middle of June, and we could have an awful lot of clubs falling into the category of “buyer” when trade season rolls around.

Teams at or near the top of their respective division are obviously in the running for a playoff spot, but there is also a handful of teams further back in the rankings that cannot be counted out just yet.

What follows is a look at four teams that are no less than seven games back in their division, but still more than capable of making a push for the postseason.

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