As general managers around baseball wake up on New Year’s Day, they’d like to believe that they do so with a strong roster, one without any major holes or weaknesses.

Nobody actually believes that, of course, for it’s simply not true.

There’s always an area (or three) that can be improved upon. For some clubs, it’s the lineup or bench. For others, its the starting rotation and bullpen—or maybe the defense behind that pitching staff—that needs to be addressed.

Identifying a team’s weakness isn’t difficult. Removing that liability, much less turning it into an area of strength, is—especially this late into the offseason. Quite frankly, it may be too late for some teams to do much of anything about what ails them.

What are the biggest weaknesses that each team is dealing with, and is there a feasible, potential solution available?

Let’s take a look.

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