More so than any other sport, baseball is known for bad contracts. Such is life when clubs can’t stop investing massive amounts of guaranteed dollars in players who have no hope of earning them.

But bargain baseball contracts do exist. Actually, there are a lot of bargain contracts out there, some of which are bargains so big they deserve to be talked about.

Hey, I’ve got an idea: Let’s do that.

Ahead of you is a breakdown of 10 of the biggest bargain contracts in MLB right now. But before you proceed, please note (i.e. DO NOT IGNORE) that I set some ground rules in pinpointing said bargains:

  1. No contracts that are only starting just now in 2014, so as not to freak out over two-month sample sizes.
  2. No rookie contracts or one- or two-year arbitration deals, because those are too easy.

Right then, let’s take it away.

Note: Stats courtesy of and FanGraphs unless otherwise noted/linked and are current through play on Thursday, June 12.

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