Most everyone knows by now not to put too much stock into spring training performances for any number of reasons. Pitchers are building up innings, hitters are getting back into the, uh, swing of things, and prospects and non-roster invitees receive a lot of playing time that they won’t once the real games begin.

Regardless, it’s still fun to check in every once in a while to see which players are doing well and which aren’t. The statistics don’t count, but they’re available—and who knows, maybe some of ’em do matter even a little.

Since there are plenty of candidates for each side—hot and not—the focus here will be on players who should be on Opening Day rosters, as opposed to prospects with plenty still to prove, like Kris Bryant (.435 BA, 6 HR, 9 RBI), Joc Pederson (.433 BA, 2 HR, 6 RBI) and Micah Johnson (.444 BA, 7 R), or veterans merely looking to hang on, like Jason Marquis (14.0 IP, 8 H, 5 ER).

Same goes on the not-so-hot side for, say, Javier Baez (.100 BA, 11 K), who falls into the former category, or Jonny Gomes (.129 BA, 10 K) in the latter.

And, well, we just plain feel bad for Ezequiel Carrera at this point. Dude has gone hitless with 12 strikeouts in 28 at-bats. He’s clearly not hot, but here’s a group of others who are—and some more who are in Carrera’s camp.

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