The Home Run Derby is known as a great opening event to the All-Star game, yet it is unfortunately losing popularity amongst players.

Many players have opted not to take part in the event, as they believe it will affect their swing during the second half of the season. 

That’s a bogus excuse, and I’ll tell you why.

The MLB is an organization of professionals who work day-in and day-out, and the Home Run Derby is nothing more than heavy batting practice. I cannot see why they think that one batting practice session will affect their swing. 

The players who participate in the derby have batting practice and batting coaches. If the derby somewhat affects their swing, than the players can adjust their motion in no time.

My theory is that when a player hits a slump after the Home Run Derby, he will try his best to blame it on the derby. This way, he won’t have to take the responsibility for his slump.

Which is really unfair.

Players hit slumps because of a psychological factor, or because they cannot identify pitches.

A player doesn’t go into a slump because he hit 20+ HR during batting practice. 

This is just an absurd rumor that players will believe so that they don’t have to risk ruining their swing. 

Because of this theory, many star players with great power numbers do not want to participate, which is a darn shame.

This year’s Home Run Derby was full of first timers who probably shouldn’t have participated. 

The lack of interest from players in this event will cause a serious decline in popularity amongst fans. 

I find this to be extremely sad and unfortunate, due to the history this event has.

The derby is a great addition to the All-Star game. It is an event strictly for the fans that will slowly be neglected just because players are getting superstitious. 

This superstition must stop now.

To finish off, I would like to congratulate all the batters who participated in this year’s derby. They at least tried to entertain the fans by “risking” their swings.

I just hope that, for the sake of the fans, next year’s Home Run Derby will have more star players involved. 

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