According to ESPN’s Karl Ravech and confirmed by other sports news outlets on Twitter, it appears the Texas Rangers are aggressively going after former Boston Red Sox third baseman, Adrian Beltre.

If that is the case, it is certainly fair to assume that the Rangers believe they are likely out of the race for Cliff Lee and the New York Yankees are in perfect position for the left-handed ace to sign on the dotted lines for them this offseason. Cliff Lee’s decision is expected to come very soon. The Yankees and Rangers have been patiently awaiting Cliff Lee’s decision.

While terms of the offers have not been released, it is believed that the deals are both very close in terms, though the Yankees are believed to be offering Lee a bit more money. Texas doesn’t have a state income tax though and thus, levels the playing field a bit between the two offers. It has also been reported that the Yankees offered Lee’s requested seven-year offer while the Rangers stuck to six years.

It is unknown when Cliff Lee will make his announcement, but many expect it to be sometime this week.

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