The New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers went through an intense battle in the playoffs this year. But now both sides are at it again, this time over who will win the services of free agent Cliff Lee.

Reportedly, Lee has been offered $140 million over seven years by the Yankees.

Many would think that would be enough to sway the Rangers to back down, yet that doesn’t appear to be the case. Nolan Ryan isn’t giving in to the Evil Empire just yet, although it’s possible the Yanks will up the ante again, forcing Ryan to bow out.

This decision ultimately comes down to what Lee wants.

Does he choose to be loyal to the Texas organization, or does he want to team up with his buddy CC Sabathia in New York where he is guaranteed to compete for championships. 

That’s the million dollar question that everybody wants to know.

Not many players can turn down the bright lights of New York when the Bronx Bombers come calling, especially when they’re offering you big-time money.

That’s why Lee will wind up in a Yankee jersey by the end of all of this.

Unless the Rangers break the bank to top the Yankees’ offer, they are going to lose out. 

Lee’s been in the past two World Series, and both times he has had to watch the other team celebrate. There is no guarantee in sports that you’ll ever get back to the championship. 

But if you don the pinstripes, you know that the Yankees are going to keep reloading to compete for championships.

While the Rangers have some talented young players, will they be able to keep them down the road when they’re due for a big payday?

Texas is going to be competitive the next couple years, but Lee’s deal is likely to be six to seven years, and can Ryan guarantee to field a competitive team then?

Because NY can and will.

These are questions that have to be spinning around the lefty’s head.

When it’s all said and done, Lee is going to choose the Yankees, not only because they’ll offer the most amount of money, but also because the Bombers offer a chance at championships year in and year out.

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