For the first time in his career, Derek Jeter is a free agent.

Jeter’s ten year 189 million dollar contract is up, and while just weeks ago it seemed impossible that Jeter would sign anywhere else, negotiations between Jeter and the Yankees have turned ugly.

Jeter wants five or six years, and 120+ million dollars. He wants to be paid like Alex Rodriguez, and a Yankees into his early 40s. The Yankees have offered him three years, 45 million dollars. An overpayment for a 36 year old declining shortstop, but not what the captain is looking for.

Let’s face it. Jeter is probably going to sign for a little over the 3/45 the Yankees offered him. He can’t get more elsewhere, and the Yankees will give him a bit of a bump so that he can save face.

But what if talks really break down? What if Jeter ends up in Los Angeles, or Boston? The Yankees will have to find a replacement. Here are ten options, ranging from high unlikely to extremely obvious.

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