Year in and year out the New York Yankee empire becomes increasingly more evil.  Free agency often serves as the building block of their star-studded team.  It’s nearly impossible for any of the other 29 teams to compete with their money and so great talent is lost to the Yankee Empire. 

Their 2009 spending spree of CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Mark Teixeira landed them another ticker-tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes.  One thing is for certain: Unlike other teams in the league, their spending seems to get them places.  They boast an unprecedented 27 World Titles to show for it.

The Yankee payroll is currently around $210 million and will again grow this offseason.  While they’re often able to dump salary as well, their spending is always free when it comes to free agents and building the team.  But what if for once one of these players were to refuse that large check signed by Brian Cashman and sign elsewhere?  Who knows; maybe it will happen this offseason.

Here are 10 players who the Yankees will NOT sign this winter. 

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