Last year when the Baltimore Orioles had a 64-98 finish, there was another disappointing fact behind the season: the team had only one All-Star—Adam Jones.

Jones ended up on the All-Star team last year as a reserve after a strong 1st half.

The question this year is: who is going to represent Baltimore for this year’s 2010 All-Star game in Los Angeles?

The only former All-Stars on this year’s roster are Kevin Millwood (who joined the club via trade), Miguel Tejada (who decided to return to Baltimore via free agency), and last year’s outfielder Adam Jones.

Don’t worry, though, because there are a few strong candidates on the 2010 Orioles.


Matt Wieters

He’s been called the best catching prospect since Joe Mauer.

Last year in 96 games, he showed he is ready for the big leagues—posting a .288 average. The more experience he gets, the more dangerous he becomes.

Wieters seems to be on the radar, as he is a fan favorite, too.


Nick Markakis

His breakout year was 2007, where he hit 23 HRs and drove in 112 RBIs with a .300 batting average.

Last year in 2009, he hit only 18 HRs, but with a .296 average 101 RBIs. He might not have filled his potential yet—which was be a 5 tool player—but he still has the numbers to be an All-Star.

Don’t be surprised to see him in LA this summer.


Miguel Tejada

You might not see the Tejada from his early years with Baltimore, but this guy can still hit, as he was a reserve All-Star last year. In 2009, he finished his fine season with 199 hits.

His power has decreased over the years, but he maintains good fielding skills along with a high contact rate in the batter’s box.


Kevin Millwood

The only well experienced starting pitcher on the Orioles’ staff, Millwood looks to regain his old self, when he had an ERA of 2.86 and won more than 13 games.

A former All-Star, he has been inconsistent over the last couple of years. For example, he posted an ERA over 5.00 in 2008, but rebounded with a 3.67 ERA 13 win season.

With Millwood, anything can happen with him. Consider him a sleeper.


Adam Jones

Oh boy.

He disappointed Orioles fans and fantasy owners in the 2nd half last season, finishing with a .277 average.

He isn’t off to the fastest start this year either. But no worries, this kid can play. Jones was an All-Star in 2009, and he wants to become another one this year.

His motivation and massive potential will keep him on the radar. 


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