As Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera ranged to his right for a ground ball, pitcher Armando Galarraga rushed to cover first for the final out in what would complete a perfect game.

Except first base umpire Jim Joyce had other plans.

Although replays appeared to show that Cabrera’s throw to Galarraga beat Cleveland Indians baserunner Jason Donald to the bag, Joyce saw differently.

And just like that, the second perfect game in five days vanished.

Does this finally prove to the sport that instant replays are necessary with human errors as monumental as this one? The NFL, NHL, and NBA already use some form of it, especially for crucial calls. Might this be the final straw for MLB commissioner Bud Selig?

Or is baseball so archaic and traditional that it must refuse something of such benefit because games are already too long?

Records and reputations are at stake.

Even if MLB was allowed to change the call, which it isn’t, gone is the celebration and euphoria at the mound and in Comerica Park.

Those 17,738 fans (and even those who would probably buy remaining tickets online) missed out on a true feat that I was fortunate enough to witness in person last Saturday night.

Winning 3-0 against a division rival never hurt so much.

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