There’s not much to cheer about in Seattle, but they do have two of the most exciting players in baseball in Cy Young Award winner Felix Hernandez and Ichiro.

Just a year ago, the Mariners were a popular pick to win the AL West.  They acquired Cliff Lee during the offseason in a trade with Philadelphia, and acquired Chone Figgins as a free-agent.

Seattle started off slow and Cliff Lee didn’t pitch the first month of the season.  Lee was then traded for four prospects and the Mariners fluttered to 101 losses.

Throughout this article, you will see a number between 7-10 beside each player.  These numbers break the players up into essential categories; here’s a rough layout. 

10: Best player/pitcher in baseball

9-plus: Superstar, MVP/Cy Young Candidates

8-plus: Consistent All-Star

7.5: Periodical All-Star

7.25: Solid Starter

7: Average Player

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