Before we get into the hustle and bustle that is the MLB offseason, let’s take a look at the landscape of Major League Baseball before the dominoes begin to fall.

Offseason power rankings are more about where each team has been, rather than where it may be headed. As you would expect, the playoff teams will comprise the top of the list. The other 20 organizations are ranked by the likelihood that they’ll make it back to October.  

The capsules that follow will detail each team’s season in a brief overview, before speculating on potential free-agent acquisitions that could unfold in the coming months.

Teams like the Giants, Nationals and Cardinals may need only minor tweaks, while others like the Braves, Phillies and Rays could see complete overhauls. Then there’s the optimistic group of organizations such as the Cubs and Mariners that may take the plunge in terms of high-profile targets in hopes of contending in 2015. 

Regardless of your favorite team’s standing, hopefully the following nuggets will provide you with a better idea of what to expect from your club over the winter.

Without further ado, here are your MLB offseason power rankings.

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