What a wacky week for incredible comebacks: The Colorado Rockies were down 10-1 to the NL East leading Atlanta Braves—in the blink of an eye, it became a 12-10 Rockies win. Going on at almost the same exact time, the Cincinnati Reds blew a 10-2 lead before having to grind out a 12-11 victory over the San Francisco Giants.

Financial records of a few teams were leaked to the website Deadspin last week and the numbers were startling. The Pittsburgh Pirates have been one of the most profitable teams in MLB, in the green $29.3M in 2007 and 2008 combined—that means the Pirates are one of the most profitable teams in all of baseball.

Yes, those Pirates, the worst franchise in professional sports. Needlees to say, fans aren’t happy.

The leaked records are a huge setback for the Florida Marlins as well, who  begged taxpayers to help them build a new stadium, for the Fish have made quite a profit too.

The Oakland A’s, Los Angeles Angels, and Tampa Bay Rays were the other teams with leaked financial documents.

The fact that such private information had been released is another question in itself. How did Deadspin obtain them? Was more than one person involved? It’s turned into a huge story that could possibly alter the revenue sharing landscape as we know it.

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