Last month, Lou Piniella told the Cubs he would be retiring at season’s end. Well apparently he got sick of watching the Cubs get beaten to a bloody pulp. Sunday’s 16-5 loss was his last game as a manger. He leaves as one of the greatest managers of all time. Unfortunately he went out on a bad note. The Cubs have been a major disappointment, and not even the legendary Piniella could save them. Sweet Lou should be in the Hall of Fame in five years.He cited the need to be with his ailing grandmother as the main reason for his early departure.

The other big news was about a former player. Roger Clemens might be going to jail! Did you just grin reading that statement? People from around the country (especially in Boston) have despised the egomaniac for years and this might be karma. He had plenty of opportunities for a plea bargain, but the stubborn Clemens thought he could beat it. Stay tuned, this story is just beginning to heat-up.

On the field the Reds are red hot, the Dodgers are dead, the Braves continue to fend of the pesky Phillies and the Twins take a firm grip on the A.L. Central. The dog days of summer are providing plenty of excitement and storylines.

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