Dear Major League Baseball,

The undersigned hereby petition is for you to award the Giants fan who was put into a coma, Bryan Stow, the full funds needed for recovery from the Dodgers coffers who did not provide adequate security.

As a witness and attendee to said opening day game, I hereby testify that I witnessed and can confirm that the Dodgers did in fact hire undercover policemen roaming in four person teams.  The only people they were busting were merchants selling unlicensed gear on the street before the game.  By the end of the game however, the darkened hills of the parking lot were left unprotected.

There are some truly good Dodger fans out there who are mortified by said event.  In fact, as a respectful Giants fan myself, the entire row in front of me warned me and my female friend of the danger of sticking around until the end of the game.  We took off our Giants orange and walked out in the bottom of the eighth.

The walk was a very scary one.  You would maneuver between the cars avoiding the people who are already out there looking for a fight.  Your eyes dart towards some sign of protection and you know you are alone.

By the grace of God, my friend and I were safe, and thank you to the good fans in Section 6 who were our modern day Paul Reveres.

Bryan Stow’s injury is a travesty and could have been avoided.  The Dodgers hired cops to protect their licenses, but failed to protect the fans. 

Therefore Bryan Stow should be awarded the full cost of the recovery straight from McCourt’s’ profits.

It’s not much money to McCourt, and it will relieve further grief and burden to the victim and his family.

We humbly anticipate your generosity to make right what is now wrong, and to let justice be done.  Major League Baseball; please help this victim who is in need.

Thank you,

The Fans



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