You probably read the headline and thought, “Wow, this guy is some delusional Mets fan.” Well, I’m not going to lie to you, that is 100 percent true. I am a proud Mets fan, and at times I can be delusional, seeing how it is basically impossible to be a Mets fan if you aren’t at least somewhat messed up in the head. 

That being said, every April brings the beginning of a new season, a 0-0 record, and a ton of hope for fans of every team.

In the past few years I have felt that the Mets have had a team capable of being as good as any other and have only gone on to see them fail. This futility in the past is what has led to all this current negativity surrounding a team, that although seemingly similar to previous teams, is in many ways far different from the squads that broke Mets fans’ hearts the past four seasons. 

So yes, it is true, I am a bit delusional. However, there is a legitimate reason for hope.

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