Many words get used to describe the offseason in Major League Baseball, but looking at what awaits us this year, the one I keep coming back to is “uncertainty.”

Look at the crop of free agents, potential trade chips, possible suspensions, players returning from suspensions and foreign players looking for big contracts if you don’t believe me. All of this screams of an unclear and volatile offseason that will get crazy in a hurry. 

In an effort to put some method to the madness, we are going to take care of you by offering a primer. We are going to talk about some of these free agents, trade rumors and all of the notable stories you will want to follow in the coming months. 

Just because the World Series is over doesn’t mean the action stops. The hot stove is getting ignited and will only get hotter the deeper into winter we go. 


Note: All stats courtesy of FanGraphs and Baseball Reference unless otherwise noted. 

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