At the start of the 2010 MLB season, the Toronto Blue Jays were not in high hopes of their many often disappointed, but loyal, Canadian fans.

The Jays lost their beloved ace, pitcher Roy “Doc” Halladay . Halladay went to the Philadelphia Phillies for a bigger paycheck and a greater opportunity for finally getting his well-deserved Major League Baseball’s World Series Championship.

Halladay was the rock of the team.  Surely, the Jays would fall apart, and quickly at that, without him…or would they?

While the Blue Jays aren’t at the top of the league in terms of standings (which isn’t surprising), they still have found a way to add some victories to their win column.

The way Toronto is solidifying their victories, including some incredible comebacks, is by home runs.

At this point of the season, the Jays have already reached the 50-home run mark.  This is something they needed all of last season to accomplish and they are only two months into the season.  Who is leading the Blue Jays in the home run department? Vernon Wells , of course.

Speaking of home runs, Toronto has been able to accomplish another incredible feat.  Thanks to the likes of Wells, the Blue Jays have had now multiple games with multiple home runs.  In fact, they have had games where they only runs they score in a game have been via home runs.

If the Toronto Blue Jays could find a way to still improve in their typical team flaw, which is having more than one solid closing pitcher, we could see them make the post-season.

My fingers are crossed…are yours?

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