The final major pieces of the 2010-11 Major League Baseball offseason fell into place this past week. Former superstar sluggers, weathered but still talented, Andruw Jones and Manny Ramirez signed one year deals with the Yankees and Rays respectively. Both now older and fatter should be their teams’ designated hitters.

Another former 2004 idiot from the Red Sox, Johnny Damon, joins Manny in Tampa Bay with the best deal of the three: one year at $5 million. Damon, who has been tagged by many as a fantastic teammate, should play plenty of designated hitter, outfield, and even first place with the departure of Carlos Peña.

Now that the 2011 season picture has become a little clearer, barring unforeseen injuries or Frank Robinson-esque trades, it’s time to assess the winners and losers of the MLB Hot Stove.

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