MLB Hot Stove: Michael Young agreeing to move to designated hitter was one of the primary reasons that the Rangers were able to sign Adrian Beltre to be their new third baseman.

But Young is making waves now that he doesn’t think he should be done as a glove man.  At a Rangers fan event, Young told reporters “I don’t consider myself a DH.  I consider myself a baseball player.”  Young has always been the consummate professional, switching positions a number of times already to accommodate new acquisitions, whether it was Alfonso Soriano, Elvis Andrus, or now Beltre.  But he might be growing tired of always having to be so accommodating.

The six-time All-Star has a right to feel under appreciated.  He sports a .300 career average, and even won a Gold Glove as a shortstop in 2008.  We’ll have to wait and see if this causes any dissension in the clubhouse once the season starts.

Or maybe this will spur a new round of trade rumors, instead.