This player’s name is the last one any New York Yankee player or fan wants to hear: Carl Pavano, also known in the Bronx as the “American Idle.” 

Let me put it this way, for those of you who thought Javier Vazquez was disliked in the Bronx, Pavano makes Vazquez the Yankees prom-king.

Truth remains that Pavano is the next free agent considered to be worthwhile behind Cliff Lee, for at least 29 MLB teams.

Here is my warning…PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Most Yankees fans never saw Pavano on the mound. That is because he only pitched 26 games, with injuries all the way from his shoulder to his buttocks. Pavano had record of 9-8 while in pinstripes, so his option for a fourth year was never going to happen.

Pavano’s three years in the Yankees rotation turned into more like $39.95 million vacation.

Pavano left New York with the impression of a slacker, as ironically the minute he was out of Yankees uniform he preformed well again and injury-free.

In 2009, Pavano made 33 starts, 21 games as a Cleveland Indiana and 12 as a Minnesota Twin. Pavano threw 200 innings in total, 50 more innings than his three-year total in the Bronx. Pavano threw one shutout and one complete game in 2009, to go along with his 147 strikeouts.

To go from zero to hero in one offseason is all the proof that was needed.

This past season Pavano was the Twins ace, finishing with a 17-11 record, over 221 innings, striking out 117 batters and an ERA of 3.75. He spent a total of zero days on the DL for the second season in a row. Pavano also was named the Twins pitcher of the year for 2010.

Nothing is more cowardly than not trying, taking the easy way out. Pavano might be a rich man, but one who can’t walk around publicly in New York City. At least I would not advise it, nor would he want to run into me.

Whether or not Pavano says his elbow, shoulder, knee, ribs and ass injuries were all real became irrelevant by his actions. They told another story, of a pitcher Yankee fans never knew, and it happened in too short a time considering the extent of this man’s injuries.

Hopefully, Pavano is a changed athlete because of the weak market sans Lee he is sure to go for a much higher price in this offseason market.

At least I know one fact, Carl Pavano won’t be an overpaid Yankee and that is a sentence  rarely said about any player and the Bronx Bombers.

More of a reason—Yankees better offer Cliff Lee the moon, sun and Pavano’s ass to get him in pinstripes.

GM Brain Cashman says the Yankees don’t need Lee. I agree, it’s much more desperate than that, the Yankees will bleed Lee if necessary.

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